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Minutes of December 2017

Posted on 28 February, 2018 at 8:15

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Board Meeting, 20th December 2017

Meeting began 4.30pm.

Present: Brendan O’Hanrahan (by skype), Nigel Goldie, Claire Belshaw (co-chaired, as present in person), Lewis MacAskill.

Attending: Gordon Robertson, Adam Pellant.

1. Apologies: Mandy Haggith.

2. Declarations of interest: none.

3. Minutes of 29th November meeting: not approved at this meeting as only very recently circulated.

4. Finances: 

HIE will meet in mid-January to decide on third year of Exec Officer grant. They may keep the same grant rate as in year 2, which would be better than budgeted.

5. Lodge: GR updated on lease plans.  

6. Glebe: Snow had prevented previous meeting with Liz Howard of HIE and Ronnie MacRae of HSCHT. BOH has contacted Ronnie to reschedule this. SLF Development Grant is expected to be available through Liz.

7. Hutting: GR reported – he has discussed issues with Bernard Planterose. Sewage may be a hurdle. SEPA objections/requirements re sewage could kill a proposal. Power supply, if needed, would also be an issue.

8. Woods: BOH updated – he has sent maps etc to Andrew Campbell of WTS, and will discuss various issues with him tomorrow, including viability of carbon trading income.

9. Hydro: GR reported - We expect to get an initial report on Drumrunie scheme by mid January.

10. AOB:

AGM: Agreed not to send notice out this side of new year.

Accounts: The accounts to the 31st March 2017 were approved by the board.

Meeting closed.

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