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Minutes of July 2017 Meeting

Posted on 21 September, 2017 at 4:55

Minutes of Board Meeting of Assynt Foundation, 4.30pm Thursday 20th July 2017

1. Present: Brendan O’Hanrahan, Nigel Goldie, Lewis MacAskill, Mandy Haggith, Alex Murray – Quorate.

In attendance: Gordon Robertson, Adam Pellant.

Apologies: Claire Belshaw, Ken Hamilton.

2. Declarations of Interest: None.

3. Minutes of 15th June 2017: approved, with one amendment.

4. Actions & Matters Arising

Woodland Creation – GR updated. Peat too deep to be allowed to plant in some areas around Ledbeg, but lots of other ground expected to be suitable and Forestry Commission Scotland very supportive of wide plans for planting. We may receive initial maps/report from Elaine by around September. Land/woods/croft working group met immediately before this meeting.

Business Plan – Business Plan has been circulated. Discussion of review/update process. Meeting to be held as part of updating process, date to be confirmed. Action: GR offered to produce short report on main changes before that meeting.

Studio management etc. – NG reported he has met with Boyd of CALLP and discussed integrating studio use alongside CALLP projects. Arts Bothy project, to build a residential artist’s bothy at Glencanisp, which previous stalled from lack of funding, may still happen at some point. Ongoing. Action: GR/AP to invite Boyd to attend September AF meeting.

Governance Meeting – Meeting to cover issues including AF / ABiz independence and relationship, and use of working groups, agreed to be held on 17th August, in advance of board meeting.

5. Lodge Update – AB working group are examining finer detail of Lodge Business finances.

6. EO Report – See written report.

RBS mentoring service – has now been taken on.

Hydro – One of the companies interested in developing the large Feith an Leothaid scheme, have requested an exclusivity agreement, based upon which they would be willing to undertake feasibility / development work, including commissioning an updated grid connection cost assessment by SSE, on an understanding that they would have an option either to develop the scheme as a joint venture with AF/AB or undertake the project management for AF/AB if funding can be sourced by AF/AB. Agreed not to offer an exclusivity agreement at the present time. Action: GR speak to company and report back.

For the planned feasibility/development work for smaller scheme/s able to be connected to the national grid, 3 companies have tendered and we await a selection decision from LES, who will select the preferred tender independently of AF/AB. The Grant available for the Feasibility Studies is £15k, and this includes obtaining a CAR Licence from SEPA, Planning Permission and a Grid Connection offer from SSE.

7. AOB

New AB director – Agreed to appoint Lewis MacAskill as new AB director.

8. Next Meeting: 4.30pm, Thursday 17th August.



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