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Assynt Foundation Meeting Minutes December

Posted on 21 January, 2019 at 5:45

Assynt Foundation

Minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors on 11th December 2018 at The Office, Glencanisp, Lochinver.

Present :- Claire Belshaw, Nigel Goldie, Simon Jeffreys (by Skype audio) & Lewis MacAskill.

In Attendance:- Jane Tulloch, Gordon Robertson (Executive Officer).

Business of the Meeting

1. Mr MacAskill took the Chair and noted that 4 directors were present in person or by electronic means and the meeting was quorate at 6pm.

2. Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

These were approved

3. Assynt. Biz

All present had been at the immediately preceding Assynt.Biz meeting and so were aware of its current position. The Board agreed that it was essential for the whole organisation that the Lodge B & B operated profitably so as to make a large net contribution to the Foundation. Professional Hospitality advice had been identified and all welcomed the new budgetry, operational and accounting disciplines that were to be introduced. 

3. Johnston Carmichael

It was noted that the extra information and corrections highlighted by the Board of AB had been relayed back to Johnston and Carmichael.

The latest version had been provided to RBS our bankers as part of our discussions with them noted below.

4. Annual Accounts for FY ended 31 March 2018

Mackenzie Kerr’s audited accounts for FY ended 31 March 2018 were considered by the Board and approved, subject to some very minor corrections to the directors report, and any director was authorised to sign them on behalf of the Board to enable them to be filed at Companies House by the deadline of 31 December.

The Board did consider that discussions for fresh funding would bear fruit and enable AF to have a viable future. The notes sent by Mackenzie Kerr with the accounts were carefully noted.

5. Monthly Management Accounts

These had been circulated previously and were considered by the Board.

6. Banking - RBS

GR reported that RBS had promised an answer on the request for an overdraft extension within 24 hours. This facility will enable AF to implement the Lodge upgrades and Gardener’s Cottage repairs whilst the Working Capital Loan was being finalised. All this work would lead to increased income generation. A sum would also be allocated for repairs to the access road.

Discussions were getting underway with their Social Enterprise arm for a loan.

7. Fishing

SJ would prepare proposals for the better management of the AF Fishings leading to a greater financial return but continued Community access. This would be presented at the AGM.

8. Stalking Lease

It was noted that a Moorland Management for Deer Plan for both estates could yield a grant of c £20,000 pa and this would be discussed next week at a meeting with SNH. It was agreed this should be dealt with before going ahead with the deer stalking lease tender, as the lease would need alteration to dovetail with the habitat management & monitoring requirements.

9. Funding

It was noted as mentioned above that RBS Social Enterprise arm were now involved. Regular updates linked to Johnston Carmichael’s 5 year forward planning Projections will be provided to the Board.

10 AOB

# Training – The Office Administrative Assistant is signed up for a business apprenticeship course via UHI. It was agreed this was a good development for her and us.

# AGM - It was agreed we should aim for a date in March, before the start of the tourist season but long enough away for us to prepare and warm members up to seek new Trustees etc.

#PR - Assynt News It was agreed we must do a piece for the next issue and GR would prepare the first draft for the Board to review.

# Facebook - It was noted that the AF Facebook page had been dormant for some time. SJ agreed to work with Office staff to bring it back into use as it was important for communicating with members, associates and potential donors for fundraising efforts.

There being no other business, the Chair then closed the meeting.

Signed ……………………..

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