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Minutes of 21 March 2018

Posted on 11 April, 2018 at 6:05

Minutes of meeting of Board of Directors of Assynt Foundation held on Wednesday 21 March 2018 at 6.30pm in the Art Studio at Glencanisp

Present Lewis MacAskill (Chair) Claire Belshaw (Vice-Chair) Nigel Goldie

In Attendance Gordon Robertson (Exec Officer) Alex Dickson, Russell Robertson, Malcolm Bangor-Jones (all members).

Apologies none, Mandy had hoped to be present by Skype but the signal was too poor.

Declarations of interest none

Minute of 28th February 18 proposed by Claire Belshaw, seconded by Nigel Goldie

Matters arising are all on the Agenda

Finance and Loan update - The purpose of the loan being sought is seen as twofold:

1. To allow AF to bridge the two year gap between now and the net income from the first native woodland project/s being realised, in terms of financing the day-to-day running of the estate.

2. Additionally providing much needed working capital, in order that AF can target investment in existing assets and new projects with the primary objective of generating new income over the next two years until the woodland and hydro projects start producing more significant revenues.

SIS and RBS seem to be reluctant as yet because of lack of proof of income. These lenders are still in discussions with AF. Meanwhile Gordon has been making good progress with a private lender and we hope to have a decision very soon.

There can be further discussions with HIE in the next financial year re grants as it would be a new year with regard to de minimis state aid allowance.

HIE independent review - Scott Moncrieff, the company undertaking the review, to visit AF office on Monday 26th March [was postponed until Tuesday when AP in office]. The review is thought to be of AF and HIE and how they have been working together.

Glencanisp Lodge Management - the Lodge is open for business with Sam and Rachael as managers. 

Executive Officer's Report - AF received feasibility study quotes from three hydro companies this week. The quotes have in turn been passed on to Local Energy Scotland, who will provide AF with funding for the study work. LES to review and then appoint the preferred company, who will commence the feasibility study of the three proposed hydro schemes in early course.

The Deer Management Plan for the South West subgroup will be written by Victor Clements. AF falls within this subgroup and so will be liaising closely with Victor to ensure that our own deer management objectives are integrated within the larger subgroup deer management plan.

Nigel suggested that housing on the Glebe and/or AF land near the Glebe should perhaps be driven by the new Assynt Development Group, and that AF/ADG adopt a collaborative approach to this and other “crossover” initiatives.

Climate Challenge Fund has awarded AF £75,201 for walled garden project including a 2 year post to co-ordinate works in the garden to enable local produce to be grown and sold. 

Article for Assynt News - Gordon will write an update on hydro, lodge, firewood, directors & Suilven path among other items.


Fishing to be discussed with Assynt Angling Association.

Next meetings Wednesday 4th April 2018 and Wednesday 26th April 2018.

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