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Minutes of November 2017

Posted on 28 February, 2018 at 8:05

Minutes of Assynt Foundation Board Meeting, 29th November 2017

Present: Brendan O’Hanrahan, Nigel Goldie, Claire Belshaw. (Unable to contact Mandy by skype.)

Attending: Gordon Robertson, John Venters, Adam Pellant (from mid- item 4 onwards).

1. Apologies: Lewis MacAskill.

2. Declarations of interest: none.

3. Minutes of 25th October meeting: approved.

4. Matters Arising:

Artist in Residence CALLP Project – Creative Scotland Application was submitted by Nigel on behalf of AF, for £16k towards the project’s costs. An updated Equal Opportunities Policy will be considered in due course.

Glebe – Nigel noted that Assynt Community Association / Development Company has an interest in what happens with the Glebe. (AP arrived.) Agreed to keep them in the loop.

Meeting with HIE and HSCHT representatives set for 7th December.

Noted that any General Meeting to put updated Glebe plans to the members and the wider community would need to happen soon (mid/late January?) if at the same General Meeting which will be required to gain members’ resolution for taking on additional loan.

Drumrunie housing plot - Action: BOH to report back in January.

Person of Significant Control matter – SJ reported that the matter of HIE being formally stated as a ‘person of significant control’ due to their authority required for AF expenditure items above 1k had been raised with HIE, whose lawyers argued that HIE are a kind of body excluded from needing to be mentioned, even if they have significant control. So matter resolved and HIE de-listed in that regard.

Grazing lease – The disappointment of the Ledbeg grazing tenants was noted, following the board’s decision not to grant them a ten year lease for the time being, in place of the current annual 50 week leases.

6. EO Report:

Lodge update – xmas dinner bookings looking good with some B&B bookings as well.  

Woodland creation – Elaine thinks applications for two woodland schemes could be submitted in 2018.

Hutting – ongoing investigation, with good signs of ability to generate substantial annual income from site leasing.

CCF – walled garden development application was submitted.

CALLP wildlife viewing hide – agreed not to progress this project.

7. Governance:

New Directors – Yet to meet up with one possible AB director. Possible other directors yet to progress.

Rotation of directors – BOH and NG need to retire by rotation and cannot be re-elected at next AGM. BOH stated his willingness to be co-opted onto the board after the AGM and to continue as chair if the board wish.

M&As – SJ advised that we don’t need to ask OSCR before changing M&As so long as the Objects of AF aren’t being changed. Action: SJ to give specific recommendations for any M&A changes.

8. AOCB: None.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 20th December.

Meeting closed.

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