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Minutes of August 2017 Meeting

Posted on 21 September, 2017 at 5:15

Minutes of Board Meeting of Assynt Foundation, 2pm Thursday 18th August 2017

1. Present: Brendan O’Hanrahan, Nigel Goldie, Claire Belshaw, Lewis MacAskill, Mandy Haggith – Quorate.

In attendance: Gordon Robertson, Adam Pellant.

Apologies: Alex Murray, Ken Hamilton.

2. Declarations of Interest: None.

3. Minutes of 20th July 2017: proposed MH seconded LM; approved.

4. Actions & Matters Arising –

4.1 Business Plan

GR will produce a Business Plan review report soon, prior to Business Plan updating process. Action GR.

HIE have requested a 3 year cashflow as an update to the end of the Business Plan period. Action AP/GR.

CALLP etc – Boyd will be invited to September meeting. Action GR.

4.2 Woodland Creation & Land Use Subgroup – GR gave verbal update. A subgroup meeting was held at which Elaine gave info. The CEO of WTS, Becky Speight, has also visited the site with members of the SWT and CALLP teams. They were all enthusiastic about the Foundation's plans for further native woodland planting under the higher-rate grant scheme and may be willing to fund future schemes up front to remove need for loan funding. The Foundation/AB would receive all profits on receipt of grant payments.

We hope for an interim report from Elaine for the next subgroup meeting at 4pm on 25th August.

4.3 Hydro – GR updated. 3 companies looking at Feith an Leothaid scheme. The extra time that these firms have taken for initial appraisals is because of the need for more detailed discussions on grid options. The standard method of paying SSE to upgrade the existing wires would require a payment in excess of £6 million. The aim of all three companies is to try and use the electricity locally through a micro-grid and to utilise government incentives for community benefit. This would dramatically reduce costs and produce a viable scheme. As soon as figures are to hand they will be circulated.

Agreed to ask LES for a timescale for choice and appointment of contractor for producing Feasibility Study exploring smaller grid connected hydro scheme/s. Action GR.

Agreed to establish Hydro subgroup, to contain MH, CB, BOH, LM, and GR & AP as staff.

4.4 Arts Bothy – NG/others to report to board.

5. AOB

5.1 Glebe – GR updated. Still a hold-up with HIE who, as our account manager, need to approve our access to the funds for preparing our Business case for acquisition. Action: GR to stress the need for a response.

5.2 Walled Garden – CCF Development Grant application submitted. Action: GR/AP to complete Expression of Interest for main CCF grant. MH offered to help.

5.3 Gardener’s Cottage – Action: GR to ascertain costs for a full survey with recommendations and costings for remedial work. GR to seek approval from HIE for funding to commission survey work.

5.4 New AB directors – Agreed that new AB directors be sought.

5.5 Meetings – Agreed to continue with monthly meetings for the time being, and to meet on 3rd Wednesday of every month from September onwards.

6. Next Meeting: Wednesday 20th September.

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