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Minutes of June 2017 Meeting

Posted on 15 August, 2017 at 8:10

Minutes of Board Meeting of Assynt Foundation, 6pm Thursday 15th June 2017

1. Present: Brendan O’Hanrahan, Nigel Goldie, Helen Simpson, Mandy Haggith, Claire Belshaw, Alex Murray (as a director from item 6) – Quorate.

In attendance: Gordon Robertson, Adam Pellant.

Apologies: Lewis MacAskill, Ken Hamilton.

2. Declarations of Interest: None.

3. Minutes of 22nd May 2017: approved.

4. Actions & Matters Arising –

Woodland Creation – Action: GR to circulate update.

AGM actions – all done.

Glebe – Action: GR/AP to begin business plan for purchase/management of Glebe, and to circulate report on timetable of key actions, likely costs etc.

Wider AF Business Plan – Discussion on updating of Business Plan. Action: AP to circulate key documents including old Business Plan to new directors.

Studio upkeep & management – to be put on next AB agenda. Action: NG to update on wider matters including ongoing possibility of arts bothy. Action: HS to report to Jorine who had raised issue of studio management.

5. Appointment of office-bearers – Agreed BOH to continue as chair, MH and CB to be vice-chairs.

6. Co-option of Alex Murray – Agreed to co-opt AM as director with immediate effect.

7. Finances – GR reported. KH’s P&Ls and cashflow were examined.

8. CALL update – Action: MH to pass on ideas for events etc to tie in with the completion of the Suilven path next year. Action: GR/AP to invite Boyd Alexander to report to a future board meeting.

9. Woodland Creation – Agreed to extend crofting working group into wider land use working group, in order to ensure croft creation and woodland creation progress complementary with each other. Action: (MH) Terms of reference for working group to be written up and group to meet before next board meeting.

10. AGM matters arising – any further matters arising to be put on next meeting’s agenda / discussed by email.

11. EO Report – See written report.

Walled Garden – Climate Challenge Fund has reopened. Agreed staff time be put to CCF Application for Walled Garden development. Action: GR/AP progress towards an application and look into possible CCF funding to assist in working up the proposal for the application.

12. Governance – Suggested that an extra board meeting be held soon to tackle issues including board development, new directors for AB and relationship of AF & AB. [Action: all directors consider dates]

Agreed to keep meetings to Thursdays and to have draft minutes circulated within 1 week.

13. AOB

Xmas Lights Appeal – Agreed to donate to Lochinver xmas lights fund.

14. Next Meeting: 6pm Thursday 20th July.


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