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Minutes of May 2017 meeting

Posted on 12 July, 2017 at 6:05

Minutes of Meeting of Assynt Foundation Board of Directors

5.30pm Thursday 22nd May 2017, Glencanisp Arts Studio

Present: Nigel Goldie (Chair to item 3, present until 4), Helen Simpson, Brendan O’Hanrahan (chair from item 4), Mandy Haggith, David Slator (co-opted from item 2) – Quorate throughout.

In Attendance: Gordon Robertson, Adam Pellant (from item 4), Jorine van Delft (from item 4).

Apologies: None.

No declarations of interest.

Before standard agenda items:

1. Resignations of Directors – The recent resignations of Stewart Hill and Jeanette McCarthy from both Assynt Foundation and Assynt.Biz were noted. It was noted that in the case of Assynt Foundation, this left the number of directors at 4, and that given the minimum of 5 directors stated in AF’s constitution, the only AF business that could be conducted was to appoint new directors.


2. Co-option of Directors – David Slator and Claire Belshaw have both expressed willingness to become co-opted directors of AF. It was agreed to co-opt both on an immediate basis. Co-option will last until the coming AGM, but any co-opted directors may be re-co-opted at the AGM or by the board thereafter.


3. Role of Chairperson – Nigel Goldie notified the board of his decision to step down as chairperson of Assynt Foundation (and of Assynt.Biz). He expressed willingness to continue to serve as a director of both companies. Nigel was thanked for his tireless work as chairperson of both companies, helping to make significant progress for both.


Nigel Goldie then left the meeting.


Those present appointed Brendan as interim chairperson of Assynt Foundation. Brendan agreed, at least up to and including the AGM. (For information to AF, Brendan also confirmed his willingness to be interim chair of Assynt.Biz.)


There then followed standard agenda items:

4. The Minutes of 20th April2017 - to be approved by email, given that no director currently present today was present at that meeting.


5. Matters arising:


CALLP launch – Poster circulated. Noted importance of this event given key AF projects.


Low Carbon Infrastructure Programme – Lewis MacAskill progressed, but thought more appropriate for other local group/s.


September Away Day – Date tbc. Gordon noted an independent chair for this meeting may be possible if considered sensible.

6. Financial Report – Noted that reports were circulated by Ken in advance.


7. Lodge Management & Partnership Agreement – in progress through Assynt.Biz. Agreement to be finalised.


8. New Directors – Noted that new directors of Assynt.Biz would be appointed by Assynt Foundation as sole shareholder of Assynt.Biz.


9. Communications – Agreed that any written communication about changes in directors and chairperson, in eg. Assynt News, would be put by Brendan to the Board before submission.


10. Croft Creation – It was agreed not to make any decision. Current position is that general views of AF members and community members will be sought at the AGM, although no formal resolutions are proposed on the matter at that AGM.


Agreed that sufficient time and effort need to be devoted to items required for general financial sustainability, including the lodge, hydro and woodland creation for profit.


11. Proposed Woodland Development – Agreed that woodland development and croft creation be planned simultaneously so as to be mutually compatible/beneficial. Mandy asked to be copied into woodland-related communications. Action: Gordon to send update to all directors on progress to date.


12. AGM – Action: Adam to check requirements for retirals etc given recent changes of directors.


EO Report:


Glebe – Valued at £75k. Resolution for board to organise purchase, subject to community support and feasibility, is to be considered at AGM. Wider community also to be consulted.

Action: Gordon/Adam/others to begin compiling business plan for purchase and management of Glebe; also to confirm SLF grant would not constitute state aid.


13. AOCB:


Walled Garden – Ursina given 1 year’s use in exchange for some veg supply to lodge.


14. Glencanisp Studio – Discussion of possible improvements for user groups. Action: Assynt.Biz to be asked to consider and act on this.


Meeting ended 8pm. Next meeting: 15th June

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