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Minutes of March 2017 Meeting

Posted on 25 May, 2017 at 9:30

Minutes of Meeting of Assynt Foundation Board of Directors

6pm, Thursday 16 March 2017, Glencanisp Arts Studio

Draft 17.3.17, revised 19.317


Present: Nigel Goldie (chair), Helen Simpson, Jeanette McCarthy, Mandy Haggith (notes) – quorate.

In Attendance: Gordon Robertson, Adam Pellant, John Venters, Ken Hamilton

Apologies: Brendan O’Hanrahan, Stewart Hill

No declarations of interest.


1. Minutes of the January meeting were accepted. There were no minutes of the February away day meeting.


2. Matters Arising:

• Actions outstanding from previous minutes. Action: Nigel to circulate skills audit.

• The Friends of Assynt leaflet is in the Honesty Shop. Action: Jeanette to produce questionnaire for B&B guests


3. Finances: Ken reported that AF is on budget.

Action: Ken to circulate 2017-18 budget.


4. Away day (February 16): [Assynt.Biz trading company items discussed here only.]


5. Glencanisp Lodge: [Assynt.Biz trading company items discussed here only.]


6. Land Management: Footpath development and woodland planting is underway. An out-of-season and night licence is granted for deer management in the exclosure. An opportunity has arisen for new woodland scheme/s due to increased grant rates, and Gordon and Adam have begun mapping, with CALLP staff, how to use it to increase implementation of the AF forest plan. It was agreed to consult the members at the AGM on the plan.

Action: Gordon to circulate details of the plan so far (map, timetable and finances)


7. Wild Land: It was agreed not to make a formal AF response to the SNH consultation on wild land procedures.

Action: Gordon to circulate a map of designated land on AF’s estates.


8. Croft Creation: It was agreed to consult the membership at the AGM about the proposal for new crofts, and to send information about the proposal to the membership with the AGM papers.

Action: Gordon, Mandy and Brendan to continue discussing which land is suitable for crofts, consider potential overlap with new fenced areas for woodland, and prepare information for members.


9. AGM: (see above) We agreed the AGM would be in Lochinver village hall in early May [now to be 14th June, AP].

Action: Nigel to set the date and timetable for papers and organise publicity.


10. AOB: It was noted that interpretation of the Suilven path will include a display in the Honesty Shop and paid opportunities for artist/photographer/writers and bloggers.

A request for short-term use of part of the walled garden was approved in principal, although more detail is needed from the interested party about how long they would intend to use the garden for and in what way. It was noted that the new Lodge business partners are also interested in the garden.

Action: Gordon and Adam to discuss with all interested parties and come to a short-term arrangement, ask CALLP if there is potential for support for wall repair, and propose a long-term planning process for the walled garden.


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