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October 2016 Minutes

Posted on 25 January, 2017 at 5:20

Board Meeting of Assynt Foundation, 6pm 20th October 2016, Glencanisp Office


4. Present – Nigel Goldie (Chair), Stewart Hill, Mandy Haggith, Jeanette McCarthy (to item 6), Helen Simpson (to item 6).


Attending – Gordon Robertson, Adam Pellant, John Venters, Richard Williams (CALLP), Rebecca Macleod.


Apologies – Ken Hamilton, Brendan O’ Hanrahan.


5. The Minutes of the last meeting. The Minutes were reviewed.  Suggested amendments to some parts would be circulated by MH, who also agreed to circulate an update on the progress made by the Crofting Sub Committee. ACTION MH


Richard Williams, the Scheme Manager for the CALL project, gave the Board an update on the progress of projects being undertaken on Assynt Foundation land.


• Contractors had been appointed for the work to upgrade 2.5 kilometres of the Suilven Path.


• Contractors had been appointed for the creation of the new Nature Trail at Glencanisp.


• The fencing and planting preparation work had commenced for the Druim Suardalain Native woodland Project. Contractors were on site. Work on scrub clearance will begin shortly.


• RW will be attending the West Sutherland Deer Management Group’s November meeting and will outline the funding and grant arrangements for future helicopter counts, habitat assessment, staff training and the marketing of local venison under the heading ‘Hill to grill’.


• RW stressed that CALLP and the AF will work closely on the PR and interpretation opportunities in the coming months to ensure that the best message is conveyed. A formal launch of the CALLP project is planned for early April 2017 and it is anticipated that this will be centred at Glencanisp and may involve either the First Minister or Roseanna Cunningham MSP Cabinet Secretary


• Part B of SWT / AF partnership agreement had been drafted. MH asked for directors to be sent the WTS / AF agreement which has been signed by NG recently. Action GR/AP


• It was noted that any surplus that may possibly have come from grants towards AF projects, such as from SRDP grant towards woodland creation, will disappear due to reduction of HLF grant put towards the same project. In effect that surplus would go elsewhere within CALLP, as an increase in HLF funding towards other costs such as core SWT staffing.


6. Finance Report – SH and KH will analyse past costs and income from whole Lodge lettings, compared to the new B&B enterprise. Action SH/KH/NG/GR


7. Governance/New Directors – Jane Tulloch has offered to stand as a director. It is suggested that she be asked to join Assynt.Biz, so as to give the trading company an independent director not also serving for AF. Agreed to appoint JT as director of Assynt.Biz, subject to her willingness. Action AP to check M&As of both companies to confirm process for A.Biz appointment.


8. Foundation Board Away Day – NG put forward a proposal. In order to really find the time to explore the many issues relating to governance, membership, community involvement, board recruitment and operation, it would be helpful to set aside time through an away day for the board to really make the progress needed. The idea was supported and NG and GR will discuss ideas and circulate them. Action NG/GR


(JM and HS left the meeting.)


9. Executive Officer’s Report- GR presented his written report.


Hydro feasibility study. The application for the 100% grant from Local Energy Scotland had been submitted for initial assessment. LES have confirmed that funds are available, but we are awaiting written confirmation from them prior to NG signing the final application. Action GR


Walled Garden restoration grant application to the Climate Challenge Fund - AF and GR will progress. Action GR/AP


Planning matters


The formal process for Planning Permission for the construction of the kiln building is underway.


Eagle photography – The licence from SNH is expected within a few days.


Friends of Assynt Foundation – All present supported the principle of developing this idea. It was however agreed that advice from OSCR should be sought, in order to clarify exactly what benefits could be offered and to whom. Action AP


10. Review of progress on the Creation of new Crofts.


MH outlined plans to hold an open meeting in early December, with attendees including those with specialist knowledge and professional expertise. Details will be circulated. Action MH


Following a wide-ranging discussion it was agreed that the provision of maps showing the extent of potential new crofts was a priority. Between the office staff and BOH, these will be produced as a matter of priority. Action AP/GR/JV/BOH


11. Date and Place of next Meeting: 17th November 2016 at Glencanisp Office




Discussion of relocating deer larder in future.

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