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Call for Interest in New Crofts

Posted on 20 June, 2016 at 9:45


Assynt Foundation has a long-standing ambition to ‘put lights back on in the glens’ by establishing new crofts and thus creating long-term opportunities to contribute to local livelihoods, diversify access to land and, potentially, enable access to affordable housing. A working group is currently exploring possible locations at Tileathdoire/Drumrunie, Ledbeg, Cnocnaneach and Glencanisp with a view to establishing crofts of varying size and land type.


These crofts will be established and regulated according to crofting law. They will be life-long, heritable tenancies, with an annual rent payable to Assynt Foundation, with no automatic right to buy or assign. All croft tenancies have a residency requirement: tenants must live within 20 miles of the croft. (For more information see At this stage, we cannot guarantee that any of the crofts will have planning permission, services or access for houses.


Once the crofts have been established, there will be a formal application process for the tenancies. Selection of tenants will be by an independent panel using a points system, which will be consulted on and made public. Criteria are likely to include current place of residence, age and realistic plans for use of the land.


We are now seeking expressions of interest in the new crofts. This is not part of the formal application process but it will enable the working group to assess how many crofts of what size and what kind of land will best match demand for crofts and common land.


If you have any questions please contact one of the working group: Gordon Robertson, Brendan O’Hanrahan, Mandy Haggith, Claire Belshaw, Helen Simpson, Ray Mackay or Kirsty Macleod.


If you would like to express an interest in becoming a crofter on Assynt Foundation land, please send us your name, contact details and a short summary of why you would like a croft and/or a share in common land. If having a croft house is important to you, please state this (but note what is said above on this topic). Please send no more than 1 side of A4 in total by 1 August 2016 to Gordon Robertson, Assynt Foundation, Glencanisp, Lochinver, IV27 4LW, 01571 844100.




Posted on 6 June, 2016 at 10:50




The idea of opening an Honesty Shop evolved from comments received from the many visitors who walk through Glencanisp on their way up to Suilven and the surrounding countryside.


If only we could have a cup of coffee!! I’d die for a bar of chocolate or an ice cream!! Is there a soft drink or snack outfit nearby? I guess everything will be closed.


Well!! We believe that most of us like to be trusted. So we have set about converting, in a very simple fashion, the old laundry below the Estate Office. We have started with limited items for sale, but hope that the visitors themselves will tell us what is missing and how we can make their day more rewarding.


Make yourself a coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Have a cool drink, ice cream or snack. Defend yourself with midge repellant!! If you are staying in self catering accommodation, why not try one of Christine’s home made pies. Delicious.


We also want to promote local crafts and businesses in a co-odinated way, with the aim of enriching the visitor experience and helping local enterprise to thrive.


We are definitely not a major Supermarket, and we are starting small, on a limited budget. Please support our wee enterprise and enjoy that secret something that will just add to your day.






Retirement - A warning for the Workers!

Posted on 23 May, 2016 at 9:50


Retirement is when you plan to put your feet up, do nothing or only do

what you

want to. Nothing could be more boring or tedious. You've spent your entire

working life building skills and knowledge, all to go to waste in retirement!

Not likely. Becoming a Director of the Assynt Foundation opened up a

whole new

world for me. An opportunity to apply some previously gained skills but more

importantly to learn a lot about how estates work, how they need to be managed

and how the land of Assynt can be managed for the benefit of the community.

Hard work but certainly rewarding and satisfying - better than putting

your feet